Services (Help me, Help you)

Looking to train with me in-person, or custom online training?


Check out: Boss Corvallis



Online Group Coaching – just $49 per month for bomb a** coaching.

You heard that right…

Boss TRIBE Breakdown

What you’ll get:

    • Weekly workouts (3-4) for full body fitness. The program has options for full gym, or at home workouts. These are designed to be modified or intensified based on fitness level. I can always help make adjustments for your body or what equipment you have access to after workouts are sent out and reviewed by you.
  • Nutrition coaching for YOUR body. Our goal together is to educate you on what good things you want to put INTO your body – not just how to restrict yourself. Macros will be sent for your goal, but ultimately I want to get you over having to track every little thing and learning how to nourish and feel great.
  • Being a part of our facebook community. This is our online group where members will share questions, inspiration, recipes, and general soreness complaints (lol)  I will also be going live roughly once a week to answer questions or go over popular topics.
  • Informational articles and research. The group is also where I will post information to keep you educating yourself on everything from: Injury prevention, exercise form, stress relief, nutrition, yoga, mental health, environmental advocacy, and community events!