Services (Help me, Help you)

Looking to train with me in-person, or custom online training?


In-Person : Boss Corvallis


Online :


Custom Programming
What you’ll receive:
– Workout programming that fits around your goals, your life and schedule, and what type of equipment (or lack there of) you have access to)
– Intuitive nutrition coaching. No fad diets or restrictions. I will help hold your hand through nourishing your body without being obsessive and still hitting goals.
– Weekly wellness check-ins. These will hold you accountable to the plan we set in place to live your best life each week.
– Access to me for support or questions all week via text or email
I only take on limited clients because I want to be able to help you access your overall health and guide you to being the happiest healthiest you. As a certified personal trainer, holistic nutrition, as well as life coach… its my overarching goal to look at the big picture with you. But first and foremost… being your overall hype girl.
We work as a team to kill it, and I’m here the whole way!
4 weeks – $200
8 weeks – $325
12 weeks – $450